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There is a certain
Strength in Silence
Power flows through
these itching veins-
a Drug.
and Fear mingles in
my Blood.
an intoxicating, addicting
A Fire burns in my
Chest, searing my Soul,
an intense need to speak-
yet, the Terror of doing so,
and the cynical Satisfaction
of being strong enough
to keep it

#my writing #it's been a while

You’ll never amount to anything
You kick, you scream, you struggle
You stay up late
You read and you write
But like a traitorous animal,
You’re never prepared for a fight.

You’ll never amount to anything
You kick, you scream, you struggle
You wake up early
You fix your hair and your face
But you’re bringing knives to gunfights
You put up a futile fight

You’ll never amount to anything
You kick, you scream, you struggle
You climb and stomp
You think you’ve conquered
But it rumbles and opens beneath you
You’re swallowed up by your conquests

#my writing

The moon does not feel beautiful amongst the constellations.

She only feels her craters, is fixated on her imperfections.

But she does not see how she outshines all the stars;

she does not see herself night after night from afar,

when moonlit lovers gaze up at the alluring sight,

falling in love under the beauty of her light.

#my writing #uh #cheesy #moon #stars #love #poem #poetry

How has the sun not burned out?

How is this planet still in orbit?

How are the stars still in the sky?

I don’t understand it.

If nothing is right in my mind,

How is the universe still in line?

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#my writing

The scratching of bird’s claws, pattering among the branches of the overgrown rose bush, disturb the limbs, causing several aged leaves to fall to the ground. Braver birds prance on the loose soil of the vegetable garden. The bees buzz on from blossom to blossom, oblivious to all but the pollen. Crisp leaves sway in the breeze, flowers glow under the retiring sun. The sounds of innocence drift over fences and boundaries as a child laughs and squeals in delight. A large commercial plane growls overhead and far-off rush hour traffic pollutes the music. The outline of roof tops form jagged shadows on the grass.
Nature is breathing—humans are suffocating.

#my writing #nature #humans

If you were the past

and I am the present

What is the future?

#my writing #short and shitty #yolo

Indifference is my sin, and I cannot dream

I’m locked in my chest, my mind, my body

I am strained by such emotional monotony

I need a spark to burn away this apathy

Full to the brim with feeling empty

The future is an abyss and I am falling

Oblivion is home to my memories

Numbness is a drug, ever so addicting

A hollow heart that lost sensitivity

When I do think, I’m dissatisfied. Frustrated. Angry

I will break the shackles of self-deceit

I will pull out the needle anesthetizing me

When I let myself feel, I will be free.

(Source: heresmysurrender)

#my writing #poetry? #empty


I’ve been a fake,

I’ve been a liar,

I’ve contorted my mouth,

but I haven’t smiled.

(Source: heresmysurrender)

#my writing


I’ve acquired the courage,

the strength to turn the page.

A chapter concludes,

the next takes shape.

I continue to write my story,

a blank sheet and memories.

White paper and a sunrise,

new words and an opportunity.

#my writing #moving on

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